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My Top 12 Boyce Avenue Song Covers

      Boyce Avenue, an American rock acoustic band composed of brothers Alejandro (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Fabian (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Daniel (Bass, Percussion, Backing Vocals) was formed year 2004. The band name was derived from two streets where the brothers lived when they were young. It was in 2006 when they began on posting videos on the Internet. Now, they are one of the most searched bands in Youtube for their great song covers which have millions of views. They are known for making covers of popular songs, some of these were songs which their fans have chosen for them to sing.

Below is my top 12 favorite Boyce Avenue Cover Songs. Hope you’ll like it!

12 - Shadow Of The Day

           Shadow of the day originally sung by Linkin Park is one of my favorite Boyce Avenue cover song because of it great melody and its mellow attack to the song which makes it more appealing to my ears. 

11 - No Air

              My top 11 song is No Air, a duet by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. I was amazed when I first heard this song because didn’t know that this song could also sound good with it having only a male voice.

10 - Teenage Dream

              I really enjoy hearing cover songs that are originally sung by artists from the opposite sex. On my 10th most favorite Boyce Avenue song is their version of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. 

9 - Before Its Too Late

               Another song which became one of my favorite is their version of Before its too late by rock band The Goo Goo Dolls.

8 - Will You Be There

               My 8th most loved Boyce Avenue Cover is their version of the late Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There?”. I really admire them for singing this song for the benefit of the victims of the 2010 earthquake on Haiti which killed a lot of people.

7 - Rolling In The Deep

              Their version of Rolling In The Deep by very famous British singer Adelle is 5th on my most favorite Boyce Avenue covers. I really enjoyed playing this song over and over again when it was first released.

6 - Angel

                  This song is always at my playlist before I sleep at night. I am really love the lyrics and the melody of this Sarah Mclachlan’s song. It became more beautiful when it was delivered by a voice as good as Alejandro’s. 

5 - It Will Rain

                  No. 5 in my top 12 list is Bruno Mars’ It Will Rain. Their acoustic approach in this song brought this song to its best. Bruno Mars’ version was very beautiful but I really like Boyce Avenue’s version much better.

4 - Grenade

                  Another cover that I love is Bruno Mars’ original song entitled Grenade. This version gave me an idea on how to sing this song. I really like singing these songs but the problem is that Mars’ voice range is so high and I can’t reach it. I like this version because it can be sung by people who are like me. :))  

3 - Set Fire To The Rain

                  This is my first time hearing their version of this Adelle song and I was immediately captured by it. I placed this as no. 3 in my list because the way they sung Set Fire To The Rain is very good and I am having an LSS because of it.

2 - Keep Holding On

                  Keep Holding On originally sung by Avril Lavigne is no. 2 at my list because I just love this song. They always give me an idea on how I can sing this great songs. I sung this song in our acquaintance party when I was in 4th year college in our University. 

1 - Perfect

                  Number 1 on my top 12 most favorite Boyce Avenue cover songs is their version of Perfect by Pink. I have already feaured this song on my previous blog about song covers. It is my most loved Boyce Avenue cover because the lyrics of this songs describes me when I was having so many doubts about my worth. This song really inspires me and I hope that you are inspired by it too. :))

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